Cut & Fold Wrapping Machine

Our Cut & Fold Wrap Machine is of the Nagema W5 type. They are used for the production of gum or soft candy products and it can be manufactured to produce your preferred candy. The machine is fully variable in speed up to 500 pieces per minute

Built in China & UK


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The Loynds Cut & Fold Wrap is of a robust and proven design. It is supplied with an inverter for speed control and a print registration system, as standard. This machine can be provided for you in one of two formats. One format is the standard single-point end fold; the second format is the double point end fold.

Cut & Fold Wrapping Machine Features:

  • The machine is imminently variable by an electronic inverter control.
  • It is fitted with photocells for print registration.
  • We will manufacture the machine to your preferred size format.
  • The machine wraps in a ‘fold wrap’ (single point under-fold).
  • Power Requirement: 3.5kW.
  • Dimensions: 1430 x 1035 x 1810
  • Weight: 1400kg

See videos of the machine being tested & in production:


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