Hollow Gum Ball Line

The Loynds Hollow Gum Ball Line is used to manufacture various shaped hollow gum pieces, giving you the option of a powder or liquid filling. The line can be made to various outputs and gum ball shapes can be round or oval.

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Our Hollow Gum Ball Line can be manufactured to suit various outputs by using multi-rope extruders of up to four ropes, then using more than one gum ball cutter that links up to a suitable sized cooler.

The machine can produce gum balls that are round, with a diameter of 12–22mm, or oval with a maximum length of 30mm and a maximum diameter of 22mm.

OPTIONAL EXTRAS: Centre filling with powder or liquid.

The table below displays the machines a typical hollow gum ball line consists of. It can produce 125kg per hour.

Hollow gum ball production line for an output of 125kg per hour:

Z-Blade Mixer 100kg 11kw 2500 x 860 x 1250mm high
Extruder 125kg per hr 15.2 kw 1550mm x 700mm x 1300mm high
Gum Ball Cutter 125kg per hr 2.6kg 4380mm x 550mm x 1620mm high
Gum Ball Cooler 125kg per hr 1.6kw 3050mm x 1420mm x 1440mm high
Sugar Coating Pan 125kg per hr 1.1kw 1000mm x 760mm x 1345mm high

The maximum production line output is 500kg per hour. This is achieved by using a quad extruder and four ball formers.


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