Lollipop Press

The Loynds Lollipop Press is a semi-automatic machine used for moulding candy into novelty shapes. Various mould configurations can be supplied with a machine to give a variety of differently shaped lollipops.

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The Loynds semi-automatic lollipop press machine is simple to use and operate. A piece of candy is cut from the batch and placed inside the metal mould. A lollipop stick is placed inside the stick groove.

As the handle is pulled down, the guard moves into place, which triggers the pneumatic press to compress the piece of candy into the shape of the mould cavity.

Various die shapes can be supplied with the machine so a range of differently shaped lollipops can be made on the same machine.

Lollipop Press features

  • Full stainless steel construction for easy cleaning.
  • Robust design is easy to operate and maintain.
  • Compressed air supply is required for operation.
  • All change parts are quick release for simple change over of dies.

Lollipop Stick Supplier

If you require lollipop sticks please visit our sister company for all your supplies:

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