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Loynds Candy Drop Roller Forming Machine

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Loynds UK candy drop rolling machine for the forming & production of hard candy drops and various shaped sweets for the smaller manufacturer or for the laboratory. The machine will produce either solid 1 colour candies or a 2 colour layered candy ( 1 colour on top of the other) The machine can either be bench mounted or mounted on its own stand with castors for easy maneuverability. Machine consists of 2 solid brass forming rollers which are engraved with the shape of the sweet. A ribbon of candy is put between the rollers and a sheet of candy is formed into the shapes engraved into the rollers.

The formed candy is then left to cool, the sweets broken up, sieved and then ready for wrapping, crystalising or further processing. The rollers can be engraved in various shapes, ovals, rounds, balls, oblongs, pears, lemons, flat drops, snow men, Christmas trees etc.

Some bar products can also be made on special designed rollersengraved into the rollers.

Further machines can be added to make this a more automated process if required.

Machine is single speed and fully guarded to H & S standards.

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Download PDF

Examples of roller designs PD

See some examples of some previous designs in the PDF below, this is the only list I have quality not great, but will give you some ideas. We can also make the shape to your design.

Download Drop Roller Design Examples PDF

Drop Roller Simple User Guide PDF

Photo Gallery

Videos in production and on test of workshop.

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Video 2:

Video 3:

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