Used Gainsborough Bagging Machine

FOR SALE: Used Gainsborough Bagging Machine - with FREE twin lane linear weigher included

Built in China & UK


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All in working order, complete with:

  • Two forming shoulders (80mm and approx. 62mm diameter)
  • 170mm wide jaws
  • Euro-slot hole punch
  • Compressed air input
  • Roll holder

The machine is the type where the jaws move up and down.

The machine comes with a two-lane weigher. We are selling bagging machine only, however the weigher is included free of charge with the machine without support as we cannot guarantee the accuracy of it. You’re welcome to come and test it with your product We can supply any other type of weigher, depending on the level of accuracy you require, at an extra cost which are new and guaranteed. Offered on first-come first-served basis.

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