Used Loynds ex demo bagging machine 420D

All complete and in full working order. Max speed 70 bags per minute.

Built in China & UK


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All complete and in full working order.

  • Max speed 70 bags per minute
  • Safety interlock switches for full operator safety
  • Two-belt type with spine seal
  • The PLC program has self checking sequence to display any errors before operation starts
  • Print registration unit
  • Euro-slot hole punch
  • Block-bottom attachment
  • 52mm shoulder
  • We can supply any size shoulder at extra cost.

Inside the machine is in pristine condition. Very limited use, it’s only been used for in-house demonstrations. Roll holder locks roll in place by compressed air. The machine has a roll splicer built-in. Code printer for “best before” dates. The film carriage is self centering and can move left and right to keep alignment perfect. Mitsubishi PLC, Panasonic controllers.

This machine is ready to go into service immediately and is available for immediate dispatch.

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