Used Loynds Limaq Chocolate Tempering Machine 80kg/h

20-30 KG Kettle, side scraping stirrers, water jacketed tank with overflow unit, top-up unit.

Built in China & UK


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This machine consists of:

  • 20-30 KG Kettle
  • Side-scraping stirrers
  • Water jacketed tank with overflow unit & top-up unit

The operator will fill the machine with chocolate, the machine will hold the chocolate at 45°C and the stirrers will keep the product moving. Chocolate is taken through a cooling unit, pumped up the tube and back into the holding tank. This continues until you put the machine into the “temper” mode. Chocolate is then passed through the built-in cooling unit and back into the holding tank. An indicator light is shown once the chocolate has passed through the tempering stage.
Everything on the machine is complete and will go through our workshop for tests and maintenance before dispatch. Provided with a full set of instructions.
This machine was traded in by a customer so is surplus and priced to clear.



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