Ball Lollipop Bunch Wrapper 800ppm-BL06

High speed ball lollipop wrapping machine, for bunch style wrapping. Fitted with print registration system and with a wrapping speed of up to 800 wrapped lollipops per minute.

Built in China & UK


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BL06 is designed for wrapping ball-shaped lollipops in a Bunch style wrap at a speed of 750 – 800 lollipops per minute, the machine is a fully automatic lollipop wrapping machine.

Size Range – Ball diameter: 20-35 mm – Stick diameter: 3-5.8 mm – Total length: 72-105 mm
Wrapping Material Dimensions – Reel diameter: 330 mm – Core diameter: 76 mm


  • Servo driven wrapping materials feeding and positioned wrapping
  • PLC Motion control system, Touch screen HMI, Integrated control
  • Servo driven paper cutting
  • No product/no paper machine stops, door open machine stops
  • Film anti-static device –
  • Modular design, easy to maintain and clean
  • CE certification –
  • Option: Stick automatic labeling system
  • Wrapping Materials – Cellophane – Polyurethane – Heat seal-able foil
  • Utilities – Compressed air consumption: 0.24 m/h –
  • Compressed air pressure: 400-600 kPa
  • Connected Load – 6.8 kw
  • Machine Measurements – Length: 2400 mm – Width: 2000 mm – Height: 1900 mm
  • Machine Weight – 2500 kg

If you require a lower ouput wrapping speed the BL05 Lollipop Wrapping Machine  does up to 400 wraps per minute.



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