Blister Pack Machine

The Blister Pack Machine is for packing product into a blister pack with a foil backing. It is suitable for candy, chewing gum, capsules, tablets, large pills, liquids, pastes etc

Built in China & UK


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The blister pack machine will seal goods inside a plastic shell with a foil backing, keeping it fresh during storage and easy to remove by the end user.

The shape of the shell is formed from a roll of rigid PVC sheet by heated dies on a hydraulic press, at the next step the product is poured into the shells, which then go on to be covered with aluminium foil from the foil reel. Heated hydraulic presses now perform a perfect seal. The sealed shells are now cut into your desired sized pieces and ready for further packaging into boxes by a machine like our Carton Boxing Machine. The remaining trimmings from the cutting stage are neatly collected on a final reel.

Cutting Frequency Al/plastic:25-60times/min ;Al/Al:20-30 times/min
Production Capacity Al/plastic:140thousand Grains/hour;
Al/Al: 7.5thousand Grains/hour
Max Forming Depth Al/plastic:22mm Al/Al:18mm
Travel Range 30-120 mm made to order 140 mm
Total Power 380V 50HZ 8.5KW
PVC Rigid Sheet 0.25-0.5×260 mm
Dialysis Paper 50-100g×260 mm
PTP Aluminum Foil 0.02-0.035 ×260 mm
Cooling Condensate(self)or cold circulating water(optional)
Overall Dimensions 4460×760×1620mm
Weight 1850kg


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