One Shot Chocolate Depositer

Servo controlled chocolate depositing machine for the flexible manufacturing of solid and centre filled chocolates.

Built in China & UK


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The servo controlled chocolate depositing machine is semi automatic for flexible chocolate manufacturing. The chocolate depositing machine works with mould sizes of 275 x 175mm and 280 x 200mm.
The machine is suitable for  manufacturing both solid and centre filled chocolates and can produce up to a maximum of 2500kg of moulded chocolates per day.

Powering the machine will require a compressed air supply and a 3 phase electricity supply.

The One Shot Moulding Process

Step 1
The chocolate moulds are first loaded by hand into the mould hopper.

Step 2
The transport conveyor will automatically take moulds from the hopper and feed them into the machine. The moulds are pre heated under the mould heater. This warms the inside of the mould before chocolate is deposited to ensure a clean surface on the chocolate. The pre-heater is mounted on air cylinders and will automatically move away from the machine if the depositor is stopped to prevent overheating.

Sensors track the position of the moulds and index the feed of moulds through the depositing process.

Step 3
Each mould stops underneath the depositing head. The mould is lifted upwards, the correct chocolate amount is dosed and it is lowered back onto the transport conveyor. This cushions the deposit of chocolate, helping keep any centers intact and also breaks the tail of chocolate from the nozzles.

The chocolate outer shell and centre are fully adjustable and all settings to change these are accessed via the touch screen. Different product settings can be saved inside the PLC.

Step 4
After depositing the moulds are transferred to the vibrator. Vibration is applied to remove any air bubbles trapped inside the chocolate.

Step 5
The moulds are typically transferred to your cooling tunnel. We can provide automatic transfers where moulds can be lined up side by side going into the tunnel.
Chocolate can now be de-moulded.

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