Enrobing and Cooling Tunnels

Loynds Chocolate Enrobing Machines & Refrigerated Cooling Tunnels can be manufactured in widths from 200mm up to 1200mm.

Built in China & UK


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The Loynds Chocolate Enrobing Machine and Refrigerated Cooling Tunnel can be manufactured in widths from 200mm up to 1200mm. Everything is manufactured in a way that ensures easy maintenance and cleaning.

The width of the enrobing head is made to your requirements and fitted with all the features of a modern day enrobing machine. The machine consists of:

  • Adjustable flow double chocolate curtain
  • Adjustable blower system for the removal of excess chocolate
  • Stainless steel body
  • Vibration
  • Variable speed detail bar to remove chocolate tail
  • Heated cabinet
  • Water jacketed enrober tank with a self contained heating system and control
  • Stainless steel mesh conveyor belt
  • Variable speed from 0–7 metres per minute
  • Removable pull-out sump
  • Variable speed chocolate pump

The length of the cooling tunnel is based on your specifications and the machine frame is manufactured from stainless steel or mild steel section construction. The outside construction is from  stainless steel.

The tunnel is fitted with refrigeration units that give brilliant cooling properties. The belt is driven via a motor and gear box unit with variable speed; auto-tracking is accomplished with pneumatic cylinders.

Conveyor belt speed is 0–7 meters per minute, but this can be adjusted based on your requirements. Outside panels are of the lift off lid-type and the enrober has a knife edge at the discharge end which provides easy removal of the enrobed products.



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