High Speed Cut and Twist Wrap Machine BZ01

800 pieces per minute cut and twist wrap machine suitable for chewing gums, soft caramels, candies.

Built in China & UK


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Cut and Twist Wrap Machine (C&TW800)
800 pieces per minute cut and fold wrap machine suitable for chewing gums, soft caramels, candies.
Machine features include rope sizing, cutting, single or double paper wrapping.

The machine will wrap is also available in either end fold, bottom fold or envelope fold type wrap.

The machine is suitable for wrapping chewing gums, bubble gums, toffees, and soft caramels, milky candies in cutting and wrapping or double twist wrap.


  • Programmable controller,
  • HMI and integrated control
  • Automatic splicer
  • Servo-driven wrapping material feeding and compensation
  • No candy no paper
  • Automatic stop when jam appears
  • Automatic stop when paper finished
  • Module design, easy maintenance  and clean

Main data

  • Output – 800-1000 products/min
  • Product measurements – Length: 16-70mm – Width: 12-24mm – Thickness: 4-15mm
  • Connected load – 6KW
  • Utilities – Recyclable cooling water – consumption: Approx.5L/min –
  • Recyclable water temperature: 5-10℃ – Water pressure: 0.2Mpa –
  • Compressed air consumption: 4L/min – Compressed air pressure: 0.4-0.6Mpa
  • Wrapping materials – Wax paper – Aluminium paper – PET
  • Material dimensions – Reel diameter: Max.330mm – Core diameter: 60-90mm
  • Machine measurements – Length: 1668mm – Width: 1710mm – Height: 1977mm
  • Machine weight – 2000kg

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