Soft Candy Depositing Line-SD01,SD02,SD03

Various outputs available from 150kg per hour up to 450kg per hour.

Built in China & UK


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Complete line to cook & form 150kg/hr of soft candy such as caramel, fudge, toffee and some jelly’s. Cooking is done in batch type, steam jacketed, side scrape cookers, normally mounted overhead.

The line will produce perfectly cooked product and deposit into Silicone candy moulds. The deposits can be of a solid colour and some fat-based centers such as chocolate can also be deposited inside the candy.

Cooling tunnel would be of the refrigerated type, length of tunnel may depend on actual product type. Demoulding is dome automatically and the product is discharged from a conveyor belt.

The line is made up of the following sections:

Dissolving & Cooking Section, consisting of:-

  • Stainless steel dissolving pan.
  • Syrup Transfer Pump
  • Vacuum pump (option)
  • Toffee Cooker
  • Stainless steel syrup holding buffer tank 150kg
  • Discharge pump
  • Discharge jacketed pipe
  • Control panel

Automatic Soft Candy Depositing Machine, consisting of:-

  • Depositing head with heated oil jacket
  • Hopper & pistons for multiple depositing
  • 55-88 strokes per minute.
  • Dosing & mixing units
  • All contact parts made from stainless steel
  • Moulds – 1 lane of moulds, 320 in the circuit.
  • Refrigerated cooling tunnel.
  • De-moulding section
  • PVC discharge conveyor belt system
  • Control panel
  • Siemens PLC & HDMI control

One set of 320 moulds is included with the line

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