Cold Table

The Loynds range of cold tables are essential in most candy manufacturing operations. The cold table is water cooled with a 10mm thick stainless steel top. This ensures even and consistent cooling, batch after batch.

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The Loynds Cold Table ensures consistent cooling batch after batch. The cold table top is manufactured from 10mm thick stainless steel. The water cooling system provides rapid heat conduction away from the candy, providing an even cooling across the whole batch.

The cold table can be supplied as a stand alone unit, or multiple cold tables can be joined together to give a greater cooling area. 20mm thick side bars run the perimeter of the whole table to ensure the candy doesn’t fall onto the floor. Table dimensions 1800mm x 900mm x 950mm.

Cold Table Features

  • Full stainless steel construction to ensure easy cleaning and long life.
  • 10mm thick surface for optimum cooling of candy.
  • Internal water cooled system ensures consistent cooling.
  • Levelling feet to ensure the table can be set flat.
  • Floating central bar allows a smaller cooling area if needed.


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