Coming Soon – Rock Candy Cutters

Coming Soon: Rock Candy Choppers For those making sticks of rock candy, our new Rock Candy Choppers are the perfect tool for cutting candy into bars. As far as we know, these are no longer being manufactured by anybody else, and we are frequently asked to repair the few remaining… Read More »

Case Study – The Bettering Company

Automating the Packaging of Edible Cannabis Chocolates and Gummies The Bettering Company , an employee-owned enterprise, is dedicated to producing high-quality cannabis edibles. With a strong emphasis on craftsmanship, they utilize minimal, all-natural ingredients, source fair trade cacao, and handmake unique, culinary-driven Flavours. They ensure consistent THC content and ideal… Read More »

View the 2024 / 2025 Digital Machinery Catalogue Online Now

Our newly launched 2024 digital catalogue is now available to view online or download. You can browse our full range of candy, chocolate, gum, jelly and packaging machinery. If you need help or more information on any of our products please email Please note when browsing through the catalogue… Read More »

The Science Behind Different Candy Cooking Methods

There are three main methods to cooking high boiled sweets: open pan, vacuum cookers, and continuous cookers. Each method requires a specific sugar to glucose syrup ratio for optimal results. When we mention ratios like 70/30, it means mixing 70% standard granulated sugar with 30% glucose syrup by weight. You’ll… Read More »

Lollipop Forming Machines: A Comprehensive Guide

Lollipop Forming Machines: A Comprehensive Guide Lollipops remain a favourite treat across many age groups. For efficient and consistent lollipop production, the right equipment is essential. Whether you’re a artisan manufacturer crafting lollipops by hand or a large-scale candy manufacturer, the machinery you use is essential. At Loynds, we supply… Read More »

Unwrapping the Art of Lettered Rock Confectionery: A Step-by-Step Guide

Delightfully artistic and skilfully handcrafted, the creation of lettered rock remains a cherished testament to the expertise of sugar confectioners. It’s a practice which beautifully marries traditional hand methods with creativity, yielding a range of enchanting results from intricate inscriptions to floral and figurative designs. The journey to crafting these… Read More »

Hard Candy Lollipop Recipes

The following are some typical hard candy recipes that could be used for manufacturing lollipops. These recipes are intended to be used as a guideline and no guarantee of effectiveness are provided. The recipes would be typical of one used to make lollipops on either a flat lollipop or ball… Read More »

Case Study – Stanton & Novelty Confectioners

Manufacturing and Packaging Ball Lollipops Discover how Stanton and Novelty started manufacturing ball lollipops with a Loynds ball lollipop forming machine and wrapping machine. Stanton and Novelty, a family-owned business now in its third generation, is a renowned name in the candy confectionery industry. Having its roots established in 1969,… Read More »

Unravelling the Colourful Language of Historic Sugar Boiling

Unravelling the Colourful Language of Historic Sugar Boiling In the history of candy making, it’s worth taking a moment to recognize the grit and fortitude of the sugar boilers of yesteryears. Without the luxury of modern tools such as thermometers, these unsung culinary pioneers routinely dipped their fingers into hot… Read More »

Simple Chewing Toffee / Caramel Recipe for Cut and Wrap Machines

The commercial production of chewing toffee, like many products, requires a precise combination of carefully selected ingredients, expertly monitored processes, and the right equipment designed for efficiency and uniformity. The following recipe acts as a guide but no guarantee of accuracy is promised. Commercial production of chewing toffees and caramels… Read More »

Case Study – SunDrift

Automating Cannabis-Infused Candy Production Discover how SunDrift transformed their production of cannabis infused candies with the CD05 Laboratory Depositing Machine. SunDrift is a husband-and-wife-founded edible cannabis manufacturing company hailing from Massachusetts, USA. Born during the lockdowns of Covid-19, David had been experimenting in the kitchen with a hard candy recipe… Read More »

Case Study – AD Evropa

Streamlining The Manufacturing of Candy Canes Discover how Evropa improved there candy cane manufacturing setup. “Evropa” is a renowned confectionery company that has thrived in the market since 1882, making it one of the oldest on the Balkans. With over 135 years of experience, it has become a stable industrial… Read More »

Case Study – Den Gouden Haan

Sugar Free Artisan Bonbon Manufacturing Discover how Den gouden haan launched a range of hand crafted, artisan sugar free bonbons. For over a decade, “Den gouden haan” located in Nijlen, Antwerp, Belgium, has dedicated itself to crafting exquisite Advocaat using a traditional recipe. This delectable artisanal liqueur is not only… Read More »

Case Study – Candy Creations

Automating The Cutting of Fudge and Nougat Into Square Pieces Discover how Candy Creations automated the cutting of their traditional Nougat and Fudge bars utilizing the Loynds Fudge Cutting Machine. Established in 2004, Candy Creations Ltd is renowned for producing traditional Nougat and Fudge bars, along with bulk cut and… Read More »

Simple Chocolate Fudge Recipe

Prepare a delicious chocolate fudge by following the outlined recipe and steps. Include 3% soya paste to minimize rancidity and delay the onset of fat bloom, ensuring a lasting, quality fudge. 30 Parts Crystal sugar 22.5 Parts Glucose syrup 7.5 Parts Sweetened condensed skim milk 2.5 Parts Soya paste 2.5… Read More »

Simple Dairy Fudge Recipe

Dairy Fudge Recipe

You can create a delicious, firm dairy fudge through this process and recipe, which involves making individual batches. Begin by assembling the ingredients below in a moderately heated pan that features tightly fitted scrapers on the mixing mechanism: 30 Parts White granulated sugar 18 Parts Glucose syrup 22 Parts Full… Read More »

Simple Hard Candy Recipe

If you’re new to candy making, then this straight forward hard candy recipe will get you started. Equally suitable for artisan manufacturers and automated industrial production. INGREDIENTS 60 Parts White Granulated Sugar 40 Parts Liquid Confectionery Glucose (Corn Syrup) Golden Syrup can be substituted if required. Water (just enough to cover… Read More »

Exploring Sweet Possibilities: 10 Product Ideas using a Candy Drop Roller

So what products can you make using a drop roller? Unlock endless confectionery possibilities with the Loynds Drop Roller machine! Create a variety of sweets with ease by quickly and easily swapping out the rollers, each engraved with the impression of your desired sweet. Get creative by experimenting with different… Read More »

Mastering Candy Making with this Candy Recipe & Drop Roller Process

If your new to candy making or using a drop roller, then this straight forward hard candy recipe and process will get your started. Designed for artisan producers who prefer the personal touch of crafting small batches by hand, this method can also be effortlessly adapted for larger, automated industrial… Read More »

Tools and Equipment for Mastering the Candy Drop Roller

Mini Candy Drop Roller Machine

SO HOW DO YOU GET THE MOST OUT OF A DROP ROLLER? A Drop Roller is a multifunctional piece of candy manufacturing equipment, adept at working in tandem with other machines to create an array of confectionery products. Impressively, it can also operate independently with minimal supplementary equipment. Its compact… Read More »

Short Run Bag Printing Ideal for Packing Confectionery

Did you know our sister company Yolli manufactures polypropylene bags for the food industry. Due to recent investment in thermal ribbon printers Yolli can now print information directly onto these bags. For companies who are currently using labels to display ingredients, nutritional data, barcodes and other essential details our new… Read More »

Using Candy Machinery for the Production of Edible Cannabis Products

The edible cannabis industry is a rapidly growing market, with an increasing number of people seeking out THC-infused treats as an alternative to smoking or vaping cannabis. As demand for these products continues to rise, many companies are turning to candy machinery to streamline their production processes and increase efficiency…. Read More »

Covid 19 Update From Loynds

Our staff are important to our business so we have taken the following measures to keep everybody safe during this crisis. All staff who can work from home will now be working from home. This includes sales, finance, marketing and customer support.  We have implemented strict social distancing measures inside… Read More »

5 Axis CNC Chocolate Depositing Equipment

We partner with the leading Chocolate depositing equipment manufacturer in Asia. The equipment uses proprietary technology which is unique to this machinery, allowing you to have some of the most flexible and advanced chocolate production machinery available. The equipment is modular, and there are currently 12 modules with over 50… Read More »

NEW MACHINE – Mini Humbug Machine

Humbug Machine wide angle

Another new addition to the artisan range of candy making equipment. The mini humbug machine is extremely compact only requiring a small tabletop for use. Inside are 4 beveled gears with cutters on which cut the sweet in alternate directions giving its unique tetrahedron shape (otherwise known as Humbugs or Berlingots)… Read More »