Hard Candy Lollipop Recipes

The following are some typical hard candy recipes that could be used for manufacturing lollipops. These recipes are intended to be used as a guideline and no guarantee of effectiveness are provided. The recipes would be typical of one used to make lollipops on either a flat lollipop or ball… Read More »

Case Study – SunDrift

Automating Cannabis-Infused Candy Production Discover how SunDrift transformed their production of cannabis infused candies with the CD05 Laboratory Depositing Machine. SunDrift is a husband-and-wife-founded edible cannabis manufacturing company hailing from Massachusetts, USA. Born during the lockdowns of Covid-19, David had been experimenting in the kitchen with a hard candy recipe… Read More »

Simple Hard Candy Recipe

If you’re new to candy making, then this straight forward hard candy recipe will get you started. Equally suitable for artisan¬†manufacturers and automated industrial production. INGREDIENTS 60 Parts White Granulated Sugar 40 Parts Liquid Confectionery Glucose (Corn Syrup) Golden Syrup can be substituted if required. Water (just enough to cover… Read More »

Using Candy Machinery for the Production of Edible Cannabis Products

The edible cannabis industry is a rapidly growing market, with an increasing number of people seeking out THC-infused treats as an alternative to smoking or vaping cannabis. As demand for these products continues to rise, many companies are turning to candy machinery to streamline their production processes and increase efficiency…. Read More »