NEW MACHINE – Mini Humbug Machine

Humbug Machine wide angle

Another new addition to the artisan range of candy making equipment. The mini humbug machineĀ is extremely compact only requiring a small tabletop for use. Inside are 4 beveled gears with cutters on which cut the sweet in alternate directions giving its unique tetrahedron shape (otherwise known as Humbugs or Berlingots)… Read More »

Humbug / Berlingot Candy Production Machine: HB01 and HB02

How it Works To operate the Mini Humbug/Berlingot Machine, simply feed a rope of candy into the designated in-feed section. As the machine’s 4 beveled cutting gears rotate they simultaneously pull the candy rope into the machine and cut it into humbugs. The result is a chain of perfectly formed… Read More »

Ribbon Blender Mixer for Powders – TP03

The Ribbon Blender Machine is an essential piece of industrial mixing equipment, designed for the efficient blending of dry powders, granules, and other solid materials. This versatile mixer is constructed with a U-shaped trough and a rotating agitator featuring inner and outer helical ribbons. These ribbons move materials in opposite… Read More »