Fudge – Caramel – Nougat Cutting Machine – FC01

The Loynds FC01 is a specialised fudge and caramel cutting machine, designed to efficiently slice batches of fudge, nougat, caramels, and other soft food items into various shapes including oblongs, squares, and bars. This food processing equipment can accommodate maximum batch sizes of 480mm x 480mm and operates at speeds… Read More »

Dual Purpose Candy Cooling Table & Hot Table -CCT01

The Loynds cooling table is engineered from robust 304 stainless steel, with a water jacketed top that efficiently cools multiple candy batches. This table boasts a substantial 10mm thick surface for consistent cooling, complemented by 25mm high side bars to contain the candy securely. For versatility, it includes an additional… Read More »

Gas-Powered Candy Cooking Kettle: GC01, GC02, GC03

Our range of gas-powered open pan candy cooking kettles, models GC01, GC02, and GC03, are engineered for precision and efficiency in confectionery manufacturing. These kettles are ideal for creating a variety of confections including hard candy, fudge, toffee, chews, and fondants. Their versatile design also makes them suitable for other… Read More »

Mini Cold Table for Confectionery Cooling – MCT01

The Loynds Mini Cold Table, model MCT01, is an essential tool for confectioners. Designed for low volume candy production, the mini cold table is essential for professional candy manufacturers for cooling the batch post cooking. Flavours and colour are typically added to the batch on the cold table. Design and… Read More »

Low Volume Candy Cooking Stove, Pan & Thermometer – CB01

The CB01 Candy Cooking Equipment Set is a comprehensive solution designed for small-scale confectionery production. This set is ideal for use by artisan candy manufacturers, low volume production, candy making demonstrations, small kitchen environments, or recipe development kitchens within the confectionery industry. Key Components 3000W Induction Cooker: A high-efficiency electric… Read More »