Fudge – Caramel Cutter – FC01

A rotary blade cutting machine suitable for cutting slabs of fudge, caramels, nougats and various other soft food items. A dual set of rotating blades can cut product into cubes, oblongs and bars. The fudge cutter¬†consists of a center chain conveyor that transports a nylon tray through the machine. Product… Read More »

Standard Dual Purpose Candy Cold – Hot Table-Water Fed-CCT01

1990mm long x 990mm, the table has 25mm side bars running all around the table. The table is cooled or heated with cold or hot water running through channels in the table, the inner channels of the table are split into two halves, giving the user different options. Option 1/… Read More »

Gas Cooker – GC01 – GC02 – GC03

Candy cooking kettle, Gas fired with planetary action PTFE stirrers, suitable for hard candy, fudge, toffee, chews, fondants etc. The gas cooker can be used in other industries where speedy stirred cooking is required. Pan dimensions are 800mm diameter x 400mm deep with a brim capacity of either 100 litres,… Read More »

Mini Cold Table – MCT01

The Loynds Mini Cold Table is made from a full stainless steel construction. The table top is manufactured from 10mm thick stainless steel to ensure an even cooling of the candy batch and to maximise¬†heat dispersion. 20mm thick side bars run around the full perimeter of the table to ensure… Read More »

Small Set Of Candy Cooking Equipment – CB01

The cooking stove provides 3000W of adjustable power heating via an electric induction hob. The cooker is manufactured from stainless steel to ensure easy cleaning. The stainless steel pan will hold a 10kg batch of candy, depending on the water content of the batch. The candy thermometer is glass and… Read More »