Flat Lollipop Machine Production System – FLM01

The flat lollipop machine handles each stage of the process, from cutting the candy rope, inserting the stick, forming the lollipop, and wrapping it in a sandwich style wrapper. The machine provides adjustment to the thickness of the lollipop meaning you can control the weight of each pop. The lollipop… Read More »

Laboratory Candy, Jelly & Caramel Depositing Machine – CD05

The CD05 Depositor Machine is compact, & versatile, engineered for manufacturing an array of confectionery products, including Jellies, Gummies, Hard Candies, and Caramel. Due to its ability to provide accurate dosing the machine is particularly suitable for CBD, THC, and Vitamin-infused products, making it an invaluable asset for both small… Read More »

Stick-master / Candy Bar Cutting and Twisting Machine – SM01

The Loynds SM01 Stick-master is a sophisticated piece of Confectionery Equipment engineered for the automatic cutting and twisting of a candy rope to produce uniform and consistent lengths of candy. The machine is primarily used for the manufacturing of candy canes, twirly lollipops, and traditional candy sticks. The machine is… Read More »

Ball Lollipop Forming Machine-BL01

The BL01 Ball Lollipop Rotary Forming Machine is specifically designed for the high speed manufacturing of ball lollipops. The machine is available as a standalone unit that can be integrated directly into your current candy manufacturing line or it can be supplied as part of a complete solution for manufacturing… Read More »