Flat Lollipop Machine – FLM01

The flat lollipop machine handles each stage of the process – cutting the candy rope, inserting the stick, forming the lollipop, and wrapping it in a sandwich style wrapper. The machine provides adjustment to the thickness of the lollipop meaning you can control the weight of each pop. The lollipop… Read More »

Laboratory Depositor Machine-CD05

This unit can deposit a range of confectionery products such as  Jellies, Gummies, Hard Candies and Caramel. Ideal for CBD, THC & Vitamin infused products. Servo driven machine with touch screen HDMI, depositing settings can be easily accessed and adjusted on the touch screen. The mould transport system pushes moulds through… Read More »

Stick-master / Candy Bar Cutting and Twisting Machine

The Loynds SM01 Stickmaster is an innovative candy bar twisting and cutting machine. At the start of machine, a candy rope—usually fed via a rope sizer—enters the Stickmaster’s two twisting conveyors. This process puts a spiral pattern onto the candy rope. Following the twisting section, the candy rope is fed… Read More »

Ball Lollipop Forming Machine-BL01

The Ball Lollipop Forming Machine can run with plastic and paper sticks ranging in length between 70mm and 100mm long. The Ball Lollipop Forming Machine is fitted with a die blower system to keep the die cool when running continuously; this air jet also has heating so it can dry the… Read More »