Ball Lollipop Forming Machine-BL01

The BL01 Rotary Forming Machine manufactures ball lollipops from 15mm up to 30mm. The speed of the machine is variable up to 800 lollipops per minute.

Built in China & UK


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The BL01 Ball Lollipop Rotary Forming Machine is specifically designed for the high speed manufacturing of ball lollipops. The machine is available as a standalone unit that can be integrated directly into your current candy manufacturing line or it can be supplied as part of a complete solution for manufacturing ball lollipops.

The ball lollipop forming machine is fed directly from a Batch Roller and Rope Sizer. A candy rope is fed into the forming machines infeed rollers. The rotary die then forms the ball lollipop and then inserts the stick before ejecting it into the outfeed chute.

Finished lollipops are fed into either an ambient cooler or a refrigerated cooler (depending on your requirements).

Key Features of the Ball Lollipop Forming Machine

  1. Variable Speed: Allows production speeds of up to 800 lollipops per minute.
  2. Heated Infeed Rollers: For final sizing of the candy rope before forming
  3. Blower Cooling System: Ensures the die remains cool during continuous operation and aids in drying post-cleaning.
  4. Lollipop Stick Flexibility: Accommodates paper and plastic lollipop sticks in lengths between 70mm and 100mm.
  5. Operator Safety: Equipped with stainless steel and clear Lexon guards, integrated with magnetic guard switches.


  • Dimensions: (L)1500m x (W)2120mm x (H)4000mm
  • Weight: 550Kg
  • Speed: 800 pops/min

Additional Machines

The lollipop forming machine requires the following equipment to form a complete production line:


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