Ball Lollipop Forming Machine-BL01

The BL01 Rotary Forming Machine is manufactured to make ball lollipops from 15mm up to 30mm. The speed of the machine is variable up to 800 lollipops per minute.

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The Ball Lollipop Forming Machine can run with plastic and paper sticks ranging in length between 70mm and 100mm long. The Ball Lollipop Forming Machine is fitted with a die blower system to keep the die cool when running continuously; this air jet also has heating so it can dry the forming die after cleaning with hot air.

The machine is totally guarded with stainless steel panels; clear hinged Lexon panels are fitted for access and these are also equipped with magnetic guard switches. Tiered shacking bed coolers ensure perfectly round lollipops.

Ball Lollipop forming machine features:

  • Variable speed (up to 800 per minute).
  • Blower cooling system.
  • Takes sticks between 70mm and 100mm in length.

We can supply this machine with an Ambient Cooler or a Refrigerated Cooler

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