The following are some typical hard candy recipes that could be used for manufacturing lollipops. These recipes are intended to be used as a guideline and no guarantee of effectiveness are provided. The recipes would be typical of one used to make lollipops on either a flat lollipop or ball lollipop production line.

Clear Hard Candy Lollipop


  • 30 parts water
  • 66 parts white granulated sugar
  • 34 parts glucose syrup
  • Tartaric or citric acid, to taste
  • Preferred flavouring


  1. In a cooker, combine the water, sugar, and glucose syrup.
  2. Cook this mixture until it reaches approximately 129-135°C. The exact temperature will depend on your cooker’s efficiency.
  3. Once cooked, transfer the mixture onto a candy cooling table.
  4. During the cooling process, add tartaric or citric acid to taste, along with your preferred flavouring.
  5. As soon as the mixture has cooled and firmed up enough you can put into a batch roller and run through the ball lollipop production line.

Hard Candy Lollipop with Fat and Milk


  • 15 parts water
  • 50 parts white granulated sugar
  • 40 parts glucose syrup
  • 3 parts shredded cocoa butter (or a substitute)
  • 8 parts sweetened condensed milk
  • 0.06 parts lecithin
  • Preferred flavouring


  1. Combine the water, sugar, and glucose syrup and cook until the mixture reaches 126°C.
  2. Continue to cook the mixture, while adding in the cocoa butter (or substitute), sweetened condensed milk, and lecithin. Keep stirring while these ingredients are added.
  3. Keep cooking until the mixture reaches approximately 140°C, then vacuumise.
  4. Transfer the mixture onto a cooling table and allow it to temper.
  5. Add your preferred flavouring, then pull the mixture over a pulling machine to shape it.
  6. Once the batch is sufficiently firm you can load into the batch roller ready to make lollipops.

Hard Candy Lollipop with Fat, Milk, and Cocoa


  1. Follow the steps for the Hard Candy Lollipop with Fat and Milk until you reach the cooling table stage.
  2. Divide the batch into two halves.
  3. In one half, add a brown chocolate coloring and enough cocoa powder to suit your taste.
  4. Pull both halves on a pulling machine, then join them together and lay side by side.
  5. Once sufficiently firm load into the batch roller ready to make lollipops.

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