Used Hand Fold Wrapping Machine

Loynds Hand Fold Wrapping Machine, for the fold wrapping of fudge & Toffee candies. Sales leaflet is not the actual machine for sale, for info only. Currently set for a cube – 15mm x 15mm x 15mm.

Used Mini Depositor Hopper Fill System

The system pumps the Jelly product through the jacketed pipework to the hopper, if the hopper requires product the level sensor will activate the solenoid the valve then opens and the hopper is filled, once filled the solenoid closes the valve and the product circulates the system unto the hopper… Read More »

Used Ball Lollipop Depositing and Wrapper

Machine Information This is your chance to take advantage of a cancelled order and get brand new, unused equipment at a discounted price. Perfect for a Start up business, low volume manufacturer or laboratory test kitchen. The Loynds Mini Depositor is extremely flexible, capable of depositing both jelly and candy… Read More »