Vertical Form Fill and Seal Complete Production Line

The Loynds range of Vertical Form Fill and Seal machinery is robust, simple to operate and very easy to maintain and clean. The machines are ideal for the automatic weighing and packing of many products including confectionery, seed, nuts, loose materials, powders, grains etc. A vertical form fill and seal… Read More »

Chain Die Forming Line-CDL

chain die forming line candy production line

When producing candies with the Loynds Chain Die Forming Line, originally the product is either extruded or spun from a Batch Roller; it then passes through the Rope Sizer to ensure a consistent rope is supplied to the Chain Die Forming Machine. The product is then formed into the required… Read More »

Stickmaster-Candy Cane/Lollipop/Pole Line

candy cane production line by Loynds

Rock candy forming and twisting line for candy canes, twirly pops and rock/pole sticks. The line consists of: Batch roller Rope sizer Two sets of angled twisting conveyors Cutting unit Single tier cooling conveyor Speed: 20–200 cut pieces per minute Diameter: 6mm–22mm Length: 75mm–1000mm The machine can also be automated… Read More »

Chiclet & Stick Gum Line-CGPL

Consisting Of: Gum sheet extruder, 300mm sheet, 11kW. Conveying. Powder spreader. 6-stage sheet roller, 300mm wide. Powder Vacuum unit. Gum strip scouring and sheet cutting machine. Scrap return conveyor. Conveying. The chewing gum line begins with the extrusion of a gum sheet that is then conveyed and automatically powdered on… Read More »

Cooling Drum-CCD01

The liquid toffee is poured into the machine hopper. Chilled water cools the internal surface of the drum. As the drum rotates, a layer of toffee adheres to the outer surface of the cooling drum. The toffee is cooled and scraped off automatically at the other end. Full control is… Read More »

Cut & Twist Wrapping Machine-CW02

Cut and Twist Wrapper by Loynds

The Loynds Cut & Twist Wrapping Machine will cut and wrap up to 500 pieces per minute. It can produce and wrap squares, oblongs, cubes and log shaped pieces and it will wrap them in a double twist wrap style. Cut and Twist Wrapping Machine features: Full speed control via an… Read More »

Candy Batch Roller-BR01

Loynds Candy Batch Roller

The outer casing and contact parts on our Candy Batch Roller are manufactured from stainless steel, for easy cleaning and maintenance. This model can roll a maximum batch of 70kg. The machine is electrically heated to keep the candy mass soft while rolling. Many candy lines start with one of… Read More »

Candy Rope Sizer-RS01

Loynds Rope Sizer

The Loynds RS01 Candy Rope Sizer can be supplied as a standalone unit or as part of a complete Loynds candy manufacturing production line. The rope will be fed in from either an extruder machine or a batch roller. The batch is then passed through several sets of solid brass… Read More »

Fudge/Caramel Cutter

A rotary blade cutting machine suitable for cutting slabs of fudge, caramels, nougats and various other soft food items. A dual set of rotating blades can cut product into cubes, oblongs and bars. The fudge cutter consists of a center chain conveyor that transports a nylon tray through the machine. Product… Read More »

Laboratory and Low Volume Chocolate Conche-CC01 & CC02

loynds 50kg chocolate conche

Chocolate refiner conches are used for producing high quality chocolate products. The ingredients are ground into very small particles, producing a smooth, luxurious texture. A chocolate conche has a hot water jacketed tank that is fitted with lining bars on the inner side. Fitted inside the tank is a heavy duty… Read More »

Mini Z-Blade Mixer -ZB01

Loynds Mini Z-Blade Kneader Mixer 5kg

The Loynds Mini Z-Blade Mixer will mix and knead a wide range of materials including dough, sugar paste, gum and various other high viscosity products. The small size of the machine makes this model particularly suited to low volume production or product and recipe development. The machine is oil jacketed and the… Read More »

Cut & Pillow Pack Machine

The pieces are automatically cut with nipper knives and then transported along a conveyor. The Cut & Pillow Pack Machine operates at speeds of up to 350 packs per minute. The machine is complete with a print registration unit. It is suitable for both gum and hard or soft candy…. Read More »

Cut & Fold Wrapping Machine-CW01

cut and fold machine

The Loynds Cut & Fold Wrap is of a robust and proven design. It is supplied with an inverter for speed control and a print registration system, as standard. This machine can be provided for you in one of two formats. One format is the standard single-point end fold; the… Read More »

Extruders/Centre Filling Machines-GE01,GE02,GE03

Loynds Extruder

The machine can be fitted with an alternative nozzle for a solid rope and extruders for multiple ropes can also be supplied. Single or multiple ropes. Any rope profile. Rope or sheet extruding Ropes can be liquid or powder filled. All extruders are variable in speed with electric heating to… Read More »

Cold Table-CCT01

Loynds Cold Table

The Loynds Cold Table ensures consistent cooling batch after batch. The cold table top is manufactured from 10mm thick stainless steel. The water cooling system provides rapid heat conduction away from the candy, providing an even cooling across the whole batch. The cold table can be supplied as a stand alone unit,… Read More »

Gum Cut & Fold Wrap Line

The output per rope is a maximum of 500 wrapped candies per minute. The cut & wrap machines have a print registration system. The line can be supplied with various outputs from one extruded rope to four extruded ropes with multi-cut & wrap machines. Machine Power Dimensions Extruder (four screws)… Read More »

Flow Pack ‘S’ Wrapping Machine


The Flow Pack machine is a horizontal wrapping machine ideal for wrapping various bar shaped items whether they are small or large. The machine comes complete with an adjustable folding box, print registration unit and keypad input to change pack lengths. The display gives product wrapping. It is fitted with zigzag blades… Read More »

Double Twist Wrapper with Aligner Feeder – TW02


The Double Twist wrapper with Aligner feeder machine has a wrapping speed of up to 35-480 per minute. The aligner feeder will sort products into a single file before feeding them into the wrapping section. The machine consists of: Double paper feed reel holder for inner wrap, or speedy changeover… Read More »

Roll Wrap Machine-RW01 & RW02

Roll Wrap Machine features: The machine can be set to pack products in the following sizes: Diameter: 15mm–25mm Thickness: 8mm–15mm Pack Length: 30mm–130mm. The Roll Wrap Machine is provided with a vibration hopper feed system—this will feed the product into the correct configuration ready for packing. The product is then transported to the wrapping head… Read More »

Candy Mini Wrapping Machine-MW01

loynds mini wrap

This machine is fully automatic and complete with: Optional Vibratory feeding system Multi-brush plate feed system Print registration unit Wrapping counter Pack length change by keypad This machine is fully automatic, with a touchscreen control system. Suitable for candy and other solid edible products in disc, round, spherical, oval or… Read More »

Aligner Feeder Flowpack

The Aligner feeder flow-pack machine machine will automatically arrange products into a single file before feeding them into the wrapping section. It has a wrapping speed of 300-500 wraps per minute and will adjust its speed to coincide with the production machines feeding it. The in-feed section uses a series… Read More »

Chocolate Mini Wrapping Machine

The machine consists of a 90 degree conveyor that feeds the product into the chain in-feed. It has a maximum wrapping speed of up to 350 pieces a minute, dependant on the product. A print registration unit and a wrapping counter are standard items and the pack length is changed… Read More »

Chocolate Tanks

Loynds Chocolate Tanks

Each Chocolate Tank in the Loynds range is fitted with a stainless steel ball or butterfly valve outlet. The stirrers are of the over-driven gate type and on tanks of 150kg and under they have side scraping units. The stirrers are driven by a bridge mounted motor and gearbox unit. At… Read More »

Chocolate Refiner Conches-CC03 & CC04

Loynds Chocolate Refiner Conches

Chocolate refiner conches are used for producing high-quality chocolate products. The ingredients are ground into very small particles, producing a smooth, luxurious texture. A chocolate refiner conche has a hot water jacketed tank that is fitted with lining bars on the inner side. Fitted inside the tank is a heavy duty… Read More »

Enrobing and Cooling Tunnels


The Loynds Chocolate Enrobing Machine and Refrigerated Cooling Tunnel can be manufactured in widths from 200mm up to 1200mm. Everything is manufactured in a way that ensures easy maintenance and cleaning. The width of the enrobing head is made to your requirements and fitted with all the features of a modern… Read More »

Candy Hot Table-HT01

Loynds Hot Table

Our Candy Hot Table is manufactured from a stainless steel box section with a sheet steel top. The inside of the tabletop contains two heating elements that are controlled by a simmer-stat unit, providing total heat control from warm to very hot. As standard, the table is fitted with a… Read More »

Ball Lollipop Forming Machine-BL01

The Ball Lollipop Forming Machine can run with plastic and paper sticks ranging in length between 70mm and 100mm long. The Ball Lollipop Forming Machine is fitted with a die blower system to keep the die cool when running continuously; this air jet also has heating so it can dry the… Read More »