Cut and Twist Wrapping Machine – CW02

An automatic machine for forming, cutting and double twist wrapping hard or soft candy, toffee and gum products at up to 450Pcs per minute

Built in China & UK


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The Loynds CW02 is a high-speed cut and double twist wrapping machine. It can produce and wrap squares, oblongs, cubes and log shaped pieces and it will wrap them in a double twist wrap style.

Why Choose the Loynds CW02?

  • Versatility at Its Core: Whether you’re producing toffee, fruit chews, bubble gum, or high-boiled sugar candies, the CW02 is capable of manufacturing them all.
  • Tailored to Your Production Line: We custom-build to your preferred candy size and shape. The machine is designed to run seamlessly with your Batch Roller/Rope Sizer or extruder.
  • Efficient Design: Optimized for low maintenance and ease of operation, the CW02 is built for durability and consistent performance.
  • Intelligent Operations: An advanced PLC system ensures minimal wrapper wastage, synchronizing paper feed with product flow perfectly.
  • Precision Wrapping: Equipped with photocells for exact print registration, the CW02 ensures each piece is wrapped to perfection.

Technical Specifications:

  • Variable Speed Control: 0 – 450Pcs per minute
  • Customizable Size Format: The machine is manufactured to your size format. Change parts can be supplied for multiple sizes
  • Power Consumption: Operates efficiently at 3.5kW.
  • Dimensions: (L)1440mm x (w)1185mm x (H)1810mm.
  • Weight: 1300kg.
  • Wrap Styles: Double Twist
  • Tripe film roll holder: for products with a double wrap and for quick changeover
  • Products: Toffee, Fruit Chews, Bubble Gum, or High-Boiled Sugar Candies
  • Material: Cast Steel, Painted Contact parts food grade steels.

Operation Sequence

Your confectionery rope (typically supplied from a batch roller and rope sizer) enters our CW02 machine, passing through a set of sizing rollers that shape the piece to its final width and thickness. A sensor detects the rope, cueing the PLC to initiate the precise paper feeding. A servo motor cuts the paper to length, readying it for the wrapping wheel where the confectionery is enveloped in a ‘fold wrap’ style wrap. The wrapping film is sealed with a heated plate which is pressed against the wrap.

Alternative Model

We also supply a cut and fold wrap machine.


cut and fold machine

Cut and wrap your confectionery products on a single machine at up to 450Pcs per minute....


Cut and Fold Wrapping Machine – CW01

An automatic machine for forming, cutting and double twist wrapping hard or soft candy, toffee and gum products at up to 450Pcs per minute...


Cut and Twist Wrapping Machine – CW02