Extruders/Centre Filling Machines-GE01,GE02,GE03

The Loynds extruder for gum and soft candy products, with a liquid centre filling or a powder filling. The candy centers can be any liquid filling such as jams or chocolates.

Built in China & UK


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The machine can be fitted with an alternative nozzle for a solid rope and extruders for multiple ropes can also be supplied.

  • Single or multiple ropes.
  • Any rope profile.
  • Rope or sheet extruding
  • Ropes can be liquid or powder filled.

All extruders are variable in speed with electric heating to the extruder & head. There is also a jacketed hopper for ware cooling.


  • Operator Platform
  • Twin Screw
  • Cutter Attachment
  • Castors / Wheels

We supply extruders for one, two and four ropes. Please let us know your requirements.

Twin screw extruder 225kg per hour-GE01

Quad screw extruder 420kg per hour- GE02

Quad screw extruder 650kg per hour-GE03


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