Deluxe Humbug / Berlingot Candy Manufacturing Start-Up System (HBK02)

Kickstart your journey into Humbug and Berlingot candy production with our comprehensive start-up manufacturing setup, capable of manufacturing up to 100kg of humbugs per hour.

Designed and Built in UK


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Kickstart your confectionery business with the Humbug/Berlingot Candy Manufacturing System. Designed for both newcomers and seasoned candy makers, the comprehensive equipment streamlines the process of creating traditional Humbug and Berlingot sweets. Equipped to handle volumes up to 100kg per hour, our system offers a dependable solution for small to medium-scale candy production. With user-friendly machinery and simple setup, you’ll find it easy to manufacture iconic sweets that not only taste great but also look the part. Additionally, the system is highly flexible; the machinery can produce a variety of other items and is easily modifiable by swapping in and out other machinery from our extensive range of artisan manufacturing equipment.

What’s Included in the Humbug / Berlingot Candy Manufacturing System?

Candy Cooking Stove, Pan & Thermometer: Cook your candy
Candy Shears : For preparing the candy batch
Mini Cold Table: For cooling the candy batch after cooking
Mini Hot Table: Keep the batch malleable while creating your design
Mini Batch Roller: Forms the candy batch into a cone shape
Mini Rope Sizer: Forms the cone of candy into a consistently sized rope
Mini Humbug / Berlingot Machine: Produces the iconic candy shape
Optional: working height stands for all equipment

Step By Step Guide to Humbug / Berlingot Candy Manufacturing

  1. Candy Preparation: Utilise the stove, pan, and thermometer to cook your candy mixture. Access our detailed candy cooking guides here and here.
  2. Colour and Flavour: After cooking, pour the batch onto the cold table, turn it in on itself to begin the cooling process and then incorporate your chosen colours and flavours.
  3. Initial Shaping: Once sufficiently cooled transfer the batch to the hot table. Utilise your candy shears to cut the batch into its individual parts and then assemble your design into a cone shape. You can watch this video to see how the classic humbug design is created.
  4. Batch Rolling: Insert the cone-shaped batch into the Batch Roller, which will consistently shape it into a uniform cone.
  5. Rope Sizing: Insert the narrow end of the cone into the Rope Sizer to create a consistent rope.
  6. Humbug Formation: Feed the sized rope into your Humbug / Berlingot Machine.
  7. Cooling and Hardening: Collect the shaped humbugs on a large table. You can use a desktop fan to expedite the cooling process.
  8. Breaking Up the Batch: Once the sweets start to firm, use a scooping motion to break the chain of candies into individual humbugs.
  9. Finishing Touches: You can use a sieve to tumble the candies and remove any sharp edges, enhancing the product’s finish.
  10. Packaging: Your humbug or Berlingot candies are now ready for packaging.

How the Mini Humbug / Berlingot Machine Works

The humbug machine features 4 bevelled cutting gears that give the candy its distinctive tetrahedron shape (pressed and cut in alternate directions on each end).

Maintenance and Cleaning

Maintaining the Humbug / Berlingot Candy Manufacturing System is a straightforward process due to the user friendly design of all the machines. Engineered for ease of use and minimal upkeep, no specialised skills are required to maintain the machinery effectively. The design eliminates the need for tools wherever possible, allowing for swift and efficient removal of components such as cutters from the humbug machine or sizing wheels from the rope sizer.

Installation and Support

All equipment comes with detailed video manuals that cover every aspect of operation, cleaning, and essential maintenance. These instructional videos aim to simplify the initial setup, ensuring that you can start using your new equipment without delay.

Should you require further assistance, we offer additional services including installation and training packages, as well as support in recipe development and specialised training in candy manufacturing.


  • Capacity : up to 100kg of humbugs per hour
  • All equipment is manufactured from 304 food grade stainless steel.
  • Humbug cutters are manufactured from 304 Stainless Steel
  • The equipment can be supplied with or without custom stands
  • Overall line footprint (with machines supplied on stands) = (L) 5300mm x (W) 665mm x (H) 1530
    Individual Machine Dimensions (not on stands)
  • Stove : (L)400mm x (W)400mm
  • Cold Table : (L)1000mm x (W)500mm x (H)125mm
  • Hot Table : (L)1000mm x (W)500mm x (H)250mm
  • Mini Batch Roller : (L)1300mmmm x (W)370mm x (H)630mm
  • Mini Rope Sizer : (L)700mm x (W)360mm x (H)420mm
  • Motorised Humbug / Berlingot Machine : (L)710mm x (W)460mm x (H)340mm




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