Candy Makers Shears – CS01

Whether your cutting the batch on the cold table or making rock lollies these candy shears are an essential item for any serious candy maker.

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Whether you’re cutting the batch on the cold table or making rock lollies, these Candy Makers Shears  are an essential item for any serious candy maker. Designed for precision and efficiency, these shears offer unparalleled control and durability, making them a vital tool in the confectionery industry. The end of the shears have been rounded off so as not to cut your table surface when cutting into the batch.

Key Features

  • Optimised for precision cutting on cold tables
  • Ideal for crafting perfect rock lollies
  • Robust construction ensuring long-term durability
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable, prolonged use

Why Use Specialist Shears?

The Candy Makers Shears are not just a tool, but a vital component in the candy making process. Their cutting capabilities ensure consistent quality, essential for professional candy makers. Whether it’s intricate detailing on rock lollies or efficient slicing on cold tables, these shears deliver unmatched performance. Due to their size and robust construction they make light work or cutting through tough candy.


  • Dimensions: (L)310mm x (W)100mm
  • Blade length: 150mm
  • Material: Full Stainless-Steel construction.
  • Weight: 800g


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