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Coating – Polishing Pans-CP01

Coating pans are the ideal solution for coating confectionary products with sugar, chocolate, glazes and waxes. The pans can be supplied with spray systems and blowers for hot or cold air.

Built in China & UK


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Manufactured from full stainless steel construction, coating pans are particularly suited to coating a range of confectionary products, and are often used for the coating of tablets, nuts, chocolates and candies.

Due to their simple design the machines are very easy to operate and maintain.

The angle of the pan can be adjusted to give better results and capacities on different products.

The pans can also be supplied with hot or cold air blower systems or automatic spray systems.

The pans can be fitted with internal baffles if required. This helps tumble the product for better coating.

Details for the CP01:

  • Pan opening: 520mm
  • Pan internal diameter: 1000mm
  • Machine length: 1000mm
  • Machine width: 1000mm
  • Machine height: 1600mm
  • Weight: 200Kg
  • Power: 1.5Kw
  • Rotation: 30-32rpm
  • Dip angle: 30˚

We also have  larger Coating  Pans CP02- 1250mm & CP03- 1500mm Quotations available on request.

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