WhoshouldIsee Tracks Water Cooled Drop Roller Machine for Manufacturing Candies

Water Cooled Drop Roller-DR03

Water cooled drop roller machine for high output production of sugar and sugar free candies, some firmer type soft candies and inclusions such as honeycomb and fudge.

Designed and Built in UK


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Designed and manufactured in the UK by Loynds, the water cooled drop roller forming machine 2 sets  of rollers 150mm wide.  One set of  water cooled pre sizing rollers and one set of water cooled forming rollers, which can be customised. The rollers are independently controlled with variable speed and the output of the machine is dependent on the product size. Typical output is around 300kg per hour (dependent on product size). The water cooled rollers are manufactured from phosphor bronze and the rest of the machine is full stainless steel.

Chilled water is delivered to the rollers by a water chilling unit which can also be supplied by Loynds.

The forming roller assemblies are designed so that the whole assembly can be quickly removed from the machine. This aids in speedy changeover (SMED) and rapid cleaning of  the die heads. Changing dies can be done in less than 10 minutes.

The moving parts of the machine are fully guarded with a hinged acrylic lid which is mounted on gas struts and magnetic guard switches are fitted so if the drop roller is opened during operation the machine stops for safety.

The machine is controlled via a touch screen (HMI) which gives access to speeds, on/off and safety functions. The water cooled drop roller can also be supplied with a cooling tunnel or conveyor system to take away product from the machine. Additionally we can provide breaking drums to break up the web and de-bur the candies and or grading machines to ensure all products meet the production specification.

The machine can be fitted with a PLC system as part of a more complex installation being integrated with a fully automatic production line.


  • Quick change over of the forming dies saving production time
  • Castors fitted with screw down feet for easy movement of the machine
  • Rollers can be produced to your specification and design
  • Chilled water can be fed through the forming rollers
  • All parts are easily removed for speed cleaning and maintenance


  • Overall Height = 1298mm
  • Overall Length = 959mm
  • Overall Width = 1008mm
  • Material = Stainless steel
  • Power = 4kW
  • Uses = sugar and sugar free candy, firmer soft candies, inclusions, honeycomb, fudge
Water cooled drop roller

Water cooled drop roller machine for high output production of sugar and sugar free candies, some firmer type soft candies and inclusions such as honeycomb and fudge....


Water Cooled Drop Roller-DR03

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