Chocolate Mould Cooling Tunnel

Refrigerated cooling tunnels built to your exact requirements.

Built in China & UK


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Refrigerated cooling tunnels built to your exact requirements.

Width, length, height and belt type can all be customised to suit your particular application.

The machines are of stainless steel construction with hinged insulated hoods to optimise their efficiency.
We have supplied cooling tunnels for chocolate, candy and mould cooling but the machines are suitable for any process requiring a continuous throughput.
Where tunnels are being used for mould cooling we can also supply a machine for lining up chocolate moulds side by side in the tunnel so as to maximise the potential throughput. See images for an example.
  • Different belt types available (mesh, plastic, steel, hygienic)
  • Gas struts for assisted lifting of lids
  • Different capacity chillers to suit
  • Machine for stacking moulds in different configurations to maximize throughput

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