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Aligner Feeder Flowpack

The Loynds Aligner Feeder Flow-pack is for the automatic feeding and wrapping of small and medium sized bar-type products into a pillow pack style. It has a running speed of up to 500 wraps per minute.

Built in China & UK


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The Aligner feeder flow-pack machine machine will automatically arrange products into a single file before feeding them into the wrapping section. It has a wrapping speed of 300-500 wraps per minute and will adjust its speed to coincide with the production machines feeding it.

The in-feed section uses a series of conveyors to automatically align products into single file before feeding them into the wrapper.

The flow-pack is fully automatic with print registration and a date printer, as well as an auto-reject device for misplaced chocolates/candies.

The machine can also be supplied in different configurations of cutting jaws for different sized products.

The machine wraps in the pillow pack style:

  • 2 cutter jaw gives a bag size of 90–180mm
  • 3 cutter jaw gives a bag size of 70–120mm
  • 4 cutter jaw gives a bag size of 50–80mm


  • 6700mm x 1050mm x 1400mm
  • Weight: approx 200kg
  • Max roll diameter: 330mm
  • Power: 5kW

See videos of the machine in production and in testing: –

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