Flow Pack ‘S’ Wrapping Machine

The Loynds Flow Pack machine is suitable for the wrapping of a large variety of products from after dinner chocolates to larger bars. The machine has a speed of 20 to 280 wraps per minute. Although this flow pack is usually hand-fed and runs at a lower speed, it can be fitted with automatic feeds such as magazine and vibration bowl.

Built in China & UK


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The Flow Pack machine is a horizontal wrapping machine ideal for wrapping various bar shaped items whether they are small or large.

The machine comes complete with an adjustable folding box, print registration unit and keypad input to change pack lengths. The display gives product wrapping. It is fitted with zigzag blades and mounted on wheels with screw-down anchor feet.

Optional extras:

  • Date Printer
  • Cartridge feeding device
  • Euroslot hole punch

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