Automatic Feed Flow Pack “S” Wrapping Machine

The Loynds Auto Feed Flow Pack machine is suitable for the wrapping of a large variety of products from after dinner chocolates to larger bars. The machine has a speed of 20 to 280 wraps per minute. Fitted with a vibration bowl feeding into the Flow Pack S for automation.

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The Loynds Auto Feed Flow Pack “S” Wrapping Machine is a versatile and efficient solution for the packaging needs of the confectionery industry. Designed to handle a wide range of products, from after-dinner chocolates to larger bars, this machine is a pivotal piece of equipment for businesses looking to streamline their wrapping processes.

Key Features

  • Product Compatibility: Suitable for a diverse range of confectionery products, including small after-dinner chocolates and larger bar items.
  • Speed and Efficiency: Capable of wrapping at speeds ranging from 20 to 280 wraps per minute, ensuring high productivity.
  • Automation Features: Equipped with an automatic vibration bowl feeder for efficient product loading and arrangement into single file, enhancing the automation of the wrapping process.
  • Horizontal Wrapping: Ideal for wrapping bars of all sizes.
  • User-Friendly: Includes touch screen HMI for controlling key machine parameters.
  • Cutting Precision: Fitted with zigzag blades for clean and precise cutting.
  • Mobility and Stability: The machine is mounted on wheels for easy movement and has screw-down anchor feet for stable operation.
  • Print Registration: Includes a SICK print registration unit for accurate print alignment.
  • Pack Length Customization: Allows for length adjustment via a keypad interface.
  • Wrap Counting: Features a product wrap counter for monitoring output.
  • Adjustable Components: Includes an adjustable folding box for versatility.
  • Electrical Configuration: Powered by 220v single-phase electrics, suitable for standard electrical setups.
  • Speed Control: Speed variability is managed through an electric controller.
  • Material Monitoring: Equipped with an end-of-wrapping material sensor for continuous operation.
  • Anchor Feet: Stability ensured through screw-down anchor feet.

Optional Add-Ons

  • Date Printer: For adding production dates or expiry information.
  • Cartridge Feeding Device: To enhance the feeding mechanism.
  • Euro slot Hole Punch: For adding hanging features to the packaging.
  • Various Automatic Feed Systems: To cater to different product types and sizes.


  • Dimensions: (L)5000mm x (W)950mm x (H)1450mm)
  • Speed: Up to 280 pcs per minute
  • Weight: 600Kg

Alternative Model

If your products are not suitable for automatic feeding then you can also check our manual feed model here.



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