Automating the Packaging of Edible Cannabis Chocolates and Gummies

The Bettering Company , an employee-owned enterprise, is dedicated to producing high-quality cannabis edibles. With a strong emphasis on craftsmanship, they utilize minimal, all-natural ingredients, source fair trade cacao, and handmake unique, culinary-driven Flavours. They ensure consistent THC content and ideal flavour in all their edibles, rigorously testing each batch beyond the industry’s minimal requirements.

The Challenge

The Bettering Company needed two automated wrapping solutions: one for their jelly products and another for their chocolate products. They required efficient, reliable systems that could handle the delicate nature of their handmade edibles while maintaining high productivity.

The Solution

Loynds provided a tailored solution with two specialized machines. For the jelly products, an FP01 Auto Feed Flow-pack Machine with a vibratory bowl feeder was selected. This setup allowed loose jellies to be loaded and automatically vibrated into the infeed of the flow pack machine. For the chocolate products, an Envelope Style Fold Wrapping Machine with an Aligner Feeder infeed system was supplied. This machine could automatically align and wrap chocolates in an envelope style.

The Implementation

The implementation process was seamless. A Loynds technician travelled to The Bettering Company’s manufacturing site in Chicago, Illinois, to set up the equipment and train the staff. The training ensured that the staff could efficiently run and maintain the new machines, integrating them smoothly into their production line.

The Results

The introduction of the FP01 Auto Feed Flow-pack Machine significantly increased the wrapping speed for jellies, achieving over 100 pieces per minute. Similarly, the Envelope Style Chocolate Wrapping Machine allowed for the wrapping of chocolates at speeds of up to 200 pieces per minute. These enhancements greatly improved production efficiency and consistency.


” The implementation of the Flow Wrapper for the Gummies and the Fold Wrapper for the Chocolates has been a game changer. Our throughput was substantially increased, and our labour was greatly reduced! These were two of the best purchases our company has made! Both units are extremely reliable with minimal maintenance required. Highly recommended to anyone doing Gummies / Candies or Chocolates.”

  Brian Kenny

  VP Operations

  The Bettering Company


The integration of Loynds’ automated wrapping machines has streamlined The Bettering Company’s production process. The new equipment not only enhanced efficiency and consistency but also allowed the company to maintain the high-quality standards of their artisanal edibles. The Bettering Company is excited about the future and anticipates further success with Loynds’ support.


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