In the workshop this month we’ve been busy working on a brand new caramel cooling drum. The machine will form part of a bigger production line for making chocolate eclairs all of which is being supplied by Loynds.

The caramel cooling drum is one of our new standard machines designed and manufactured in the UK by Loynds.

The remainder of the chocolate eclair line consists of machines sourced from other manufactures around the world with final assembly, testing and quality control happening in our UK workshop.

We had over 120 years of candy making knowledge in the workshop with experts Geoff Thorpe, Brian Siron and John Loynds all helping with final testing on the production line.


The full production line consists of:

Steam cooker
Caramel Cooling Drum
Chocolate Pump
Batch Roller
Rope Sizer
Relaxing Conveyor
Forming Machine
Cooling Tunnel
2 Double Twist Wrapping Machine
Cut and Fold Wrap Machine

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