Drop Roller Candy Machines – DR01 – DR02

The Loynds Drop Roller Candy Machines, including the DR01 (motor driven) and DR02 (hand turned) models, are expertly engineered for artisan candy manufacturers and for use in recipe development kitchens. These machines are uniquely designed to cater to low to medium-volume production, ensuring precision and quality in every batch. How… Read More »

Mini Cold Table for Confectionery Cooling – MCT01

The Loynds Mini Cold Table, model MCT01, is an essential tool for confectioners. Designed for low volume candy production, the mini cold table is essential for professional candy manufacturers for cooling the batch post cooking. Flavours and colour are typically added to the batch on the cold table. Design and… Read More »

Candy Pulling Hook – PH02

The Loynds Candy Pulling Hook is an indispensable tool for artisan confectioners specializing in handcrafted candy production. This candy pulling hook plays a crucial role in the candy-making process by allowing the confectioner to incorporate air into the candy batch, a fundamental step in achieving both the desired whiteness and… Read More »