Rotary Blade Thin Film Candy Cooker – RTC01

The Loynds Rotary Blade Thin Film Cooker offers precise control in candy production, suitable for high-volume confectionery manufacturing. Specializing in high boiled sugar and sugar-free candies, our cooker excels in efficient and rapid confectionery cooking with 2 capacities, 360kg per hour and 500kg per hour. Thin-Film Cooking Technology for Superior… Read More »

Cut and Fold Wrapping Machine – CW01

cut and fold machine

The Loynds CW01 is a high-speed cut and fold wrapping machine inspired by the robust Nagema W5 series. This machine is the heart of candy production, shaping and packaging your gum or candy products at up to 450 pieces per minute. Why Choose the Loynds CW01? Versatility at Its Core:… Read More »

Cut and Twist Wrapping Machine – CW02

The Loynds CW02 is a high-speed cut and double twist wrapping machine. It can produce and wrap squares, oblongs, cubes and log shaped pieces and it will wrap them in a double twist wrap style. Why Choose the Loynds CW02? Versatility at Its Core: Whether you’re producing toffee, fruit chews, bubble gum,… Read More »

Cut and Pillow Pack Machine – CPP01

The CPP01 Cut and Pillow Pack Machine delivers exact shaping and efficient packaging for diverse candy types. Equipped with two vertical rope forming wheels that precisely shapes the confectionery into various shapes including rounds, squares, oblongs, and flats. Post shaping the piece is cut with the machines integrated nipper knives…. Read More »

Stick Pack Confectionery Packaging Machine – SP01

Optimize your candy packaging process with the Stick Pack machine, engineered to consolidate both wrapped and unwrapped confectionery into stick packs with ease. This system is designed to integrate seamlessly with cut and fold wrapping machine, facilitating the automated grouping of confectionery into organized stick packs. It arranges each candy… Read More »

Confectionery Batch Roller – BR01

The Loynds BR01 Confectionery Batch Roller designed to shape a confectionery batch into a cone shape by means of an alternating rolling action created by the 4 internal rollers.  This robust machine has a batch capacity of up to 70kg, complemented by integrated electric heating to maintain the confectionery mass… Read More »

Confectionery Rope Sizer Machine – RS01

Loynds Rope Sizer

The Loynds RS01 Candy Rope Sizer can be supplied as a standalone unit or as part of a complete Loynds candy manufacturing production line. The machine is typically fed from a Batch Roller and sizes the candy into a uniform rope. This is a crucial step for seamless integration into subsequent… Read More »

Dual Purpose Candy Cooling Table & Hot Table -CCT01

The Loynds cooling table is engineered from robust 304 stainless steel, with a water jacketed top that efficiently cools multiple candy batches. This table boasts a substantial 10mm thick surface for consistent cooling, complemented by 25mm high side bars to contain the candy securely. For versatility, it includes an additional… Read More »

Gas-Powered Candy Cooking Kettle: GC01, GC02, GC03

Our range of gas-powered open pan candy cooking kettles, models GC01, GC02, and GC03, are engineered for precision and efficiency in confectionery manufacturing. These kettles are ideal for creating a variety of confections including hard candy, fudge, toffee, chews, and fondants. Their versatile design also makes them suitable for other… Read More »