Cut and Fold Wrapping Machine – CW01

cut and fold machine

The Loynds Cut & Fold Wrap is of a robust and proven design. It is supplied with an inverter for speed control and a print registration system, as standard. This machine can be provided for you in one of two formats. One format is the standard single-point end fold; the… Read More »

Cut and Twist Wrapping Machine – CW02

Cut and Twist Wrapper by Loynds

The Loynds Cut & Twist Wrapping Machine will cut and wrap up to 450 pieces per minute. It can produce and wrap squares, oblongs, cubesĀ and log shaped pieces and it will wrap them in a double twist wrap style. Cut and Twist Wrapping Machine features: Full speed control via an… Read More »

Cut and Pillow Pack Machine – CPP01

The pieces are automatically cut with nipper knives and then transported along a conveyor. The Cut & Pillow Pack Machine operates at speeds of up to 350 packs per minute. The machine is complete with a print registration unit. It is suitable for both gum and hard or soft candy…. Read More »

Stick Pack Machine

This machine efficiently assembles candies into a uniform, linear arrangement, either positioned edgewise or laid flat. The machine folds the wrapper over the front, sides, and longitudinal seam of the candies. Typically, this Stickpack machine operates in conjunction with a Loynds CWF500 cut & fold wrap machine for optimal production… Read More »

Candy Batch Roller-BR01

Loynds Candy Batch Roller

The outer casing and contact parts on our Candy Batch Roller are manufactured from stainless steel, for easy cleaning and maintenance. This model can roll a maximum batch of 70kg. The machine is electrically heated to keep the candy mass soft while rolling. Many candy lines start with one of… Read More »

Candy Rope Sizer – RS01

Loynds Rope Sizer

The Loynds RS01 Candy Rope Sizer can be supplied as a standalone unit or as part of a complete Loynds candy manufacturing production line. The rope will be fed in from either an extruder machine or a batch roller. The batch is then passed through several sets of solid brass… Read More »

Standard Dual Purpose Candy Cold – Hot Table-Water Fed-CCT01

1990mm long x 990mm, the table has 25mm side bars running all around the table. The table is cooled or heated with cold or hot water running through channels in the table, the inner channels of the table are split into two halves, giving the user different options. Option 1/… Read More »

Gas Cooker – GC01 – GC02 – GC03

Candy cooking kettle, Gas fired with planetary action PTFE stirrers, suitable for hard candy, fudge, toffee, chews, fondants etc. The gas cooker can be used in other industries where speedy stirred cooking is required. Pan dimensions are 800mm diameter x 400mm deep with a brim capacity of either 100 litres,… Read More »