Cut and Pillow Pack Machine – CPP01

The CPP01 Cut and Pillow Pack Machine is designed for confectionery manufacturers, offering precision shaping, cutting and packaging for a variety of candy profiles.

Built in China & UK


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The CPP01 Cut and Pillow Pack Machine delivers exact shaping and efficient packaging for diverse candy types. Equipped with two vertical rope forming wheels that precisely shapes the confectionery into various shapes including rounds, squares, oblongs, and flats.

Post shaping the piece is cut with the machines integrated nipper knives. The product is then transferred onto a conveyor system where it is fed into the wrapping section. The product is finally wrapped in individual pillow style packs.
The machine can cut and wrap at up to 350Pcs per minute depending on the piece size.

The machine includes a print registration device for aligning printed film onto the final packs.

Product Size Capability:

  • Length: 20mm–150mm
  • Width: 10mm–35mm
  • Height: 4mm–12mm


  • Print registration device for running printed films
  • Emergency stop button for operator safety
  • Electronic guard switch that stops the machine when the guards are opened for operator safety.
  • Various product shapes: rounds, squares, oblongs, and flats
  • Double roll film holder: for quick change over of rolls


  • Capacity: Up to 350Pcs per minute.
  • Weight: 1250Kg
  • Power: 4.6kW
  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel outer panels
  • Products: Soft Candies and Gum
  • Dimensions: (L)2250mm x (W)900mm x (H)1550mm
  • Products: Soft Candies and Gum

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