Deluxe Humbug – Berlingot Start Up Kit – HBK02

The Deluxe Mini Humbug/Berlingot Start Up Kit is perfect if you are wanting to start producing candies on a small scale. The kit consists of the following: Small Candy Cooking Equipment Candy Shears Mini Cold Table Mini Hot Table Mini Batch Roller Mini Rope Sizer Mini Humbug/Berlingot Machine  How do… Read More »

Humbug – Berlingot Machine-HB01 and HB02

The  Mini Humbug/Berlingot Machine can be supplied hand turned-HB01 or with a motor-HB02 for more continuous production. Inside are 4 beveled cutting gears which give the sweet its trademark tetrahedron shape (pressed and cut in alternate directions on each end). The unit is table top and is supplied with a… Read More »

Laboratory Depositor Machine-CD05

This unit can deposit a range of confectionery products such as  Jellies, Gummies, Hard Candies and Caramel. Ideal for CBD, THC & Vitamin infused products. Servo driven machine with touch screen HDMI, depositing settings can be easily accessed and adjusted on the touch screen. The mould transport system pushes moulds through… Read More »

Small Scale Candy Production Line – MCL

Small scale mini candy production line for the manufacturing of perfectly formed candy sweets up to 75kg per hour. The line consists of a miniature batch roller, miniature rope sizer and a miniature rotary candy forming die. We can supply individual machinery, or the complete line as shown on this page…. Read More »

Mini Candy Forming Machine-MF01

Designed specifically for people requiring smaller production outputs, the machine will produce perfectly formed candies in rounds or ovals. The machine utilizes a continuous rotary die which forms a candy rope into perfectly formed candies. The machine has been designed to be extremely robust ensuring a reliable and long life time. All parts are… Read More »

Mini Candy Rope Sizer – RS02

A scaled down 2 stage mini candy rope sizer ideal for use in laboratories, small scale production or manufacturing demonstrations. The Loynds mini candy rope sizer is the perfect addition to your small scale candy manufacturing set up. The machine perfectly complements other equipment available from our laboratory range. The machine… Read More »

Drop Roller Candy Machines – DR01 and DR02

Drop Roller Candy Machines are a low cost solution to producing die-formed hard candy sweets. Available in the Motorised version:DR01 & The Hand Driven Version: DR02 The machine can be used to produce either solid single colour candies or two-colour layered candies. A set of brass rollers with the candy design engraved… Read More »

Mini Batch Roller – BR02

The Loynds table-top mini batch roller forms a batch of candy or toffee into a conical shape or rope. The batch is rolled continuously in alternate directions while heat is applied via electric heater elements located at the bottom of the machine. The machine is suitable for batch sizes of… Read More »

Mini Hot Table – MHT01

The Loynds range of mini hot tables is the ideal solution for the artisan candy maker. A hot table helps increase the time available to work the batch of candy before it sets and goes too hard. The standard mini hot table dimensions are 1000mm x 650mm although they can be manufactured… Read More »

Mini Cold Table – MCT01

The Loynds Mini Cold Table is made from a full stainless steel construction. The table top is manufactured from 10mm thick stainless steel to ensure an even cooling of the candy batch and to maximise heat dispersion. 20mm thick side bars run around the full perimeter of the table to ensure… Read More »

Small Set Of Candy Cooking Equipment – CB01

The cooking stove provides 3000W of adjustable power heating via an electric induction hob. The cooker is manufactured from stainless steel to ensure easy cleaning. The stainless steel pan will hold a 10kg batch of candy, depending on the water content of the batch. The candy thermometer is glass and… Read More »