Hand Fed Fold Wrap Machine for Pre Formed Confectionery -FW01

Loynds Fold Wrap Machine

The FW01 Hand Feed Fold Wrapping machine is designed for the automatic wrapping of pre-formed candies. It’s suited for various product shapes such as cubes, squares, oblongs, and rectangles with flat bottoms. The machine includes a chain infeed system with an extended operator table. The table is used for sorting… Read More »

Chocolate Coin Foiling and Embossing Machine – EM01

Loynds Chocolate Coin Foiling and Embossing Machine

The machine automatically takes a chocolate coin shaped disk and covers with a thick foil on the top and bottom of the product. This then goes through a process where the foils are stamped together and compressed, the plungers that are used for compression have wording or a company logo… Read More »

Hand-Feed Double Twist Wrapping Machine for Confectionery – TW03

The TW03 Hand Feed Double Twist Wrapping Machine offers a versatile approach to wrapping a diverse assortment of confectionery products, from high boiled sweets to fudges, chocolates, caramels and toffee. Product is fed into the feed plate manually by an operator. Specifications Product Dimensions: Can wrap products with dimensions: Length… Read More »