Fold Wrap Machine-FW02

Loynds Fold Wrap Machine

This machine is a modified cut and fold wrap. The automatic cutting section has been removed and a manually fed infeed conveyor has been fitted to put products through the wrapping section. Can be supplied with automatic feed- Price on request. This chain feed fold wrapping machine is suitable for… Read More »

Rapid Fat – Chocolate Melting Tank

Temperature controllable Rapid melter tank from Loynds. These chocolate tanks come with a quick release grid designed to rapidly melt large blocks of fat, butter or chocolate. Product is placed on the grid which has an increased surface area causing rapid melting. The product drips into the main body of… Read More »

Hand-Feed Double Twist Wrapper – TW03

This produces the classic style sweet wrap that’s been around for decades and continues to be popular today, double end twist. An electronically interlocked guard with a magnetic safety switch ensures that if the guard can not be opened whilst the machine is in operation, if the guard is lifted… Read More »