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Hand-Feed Double Twist Wrapper – TW03

Hand Feed Double Twist Wrapper machine for wrapping pre formed sweets in double end twist style.

Built in China & UK


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This produces the classic style sweet wrap that’s been around for decades and continues to be popular today, double end twist.

An electronically interlocked guard with a magnetic safety switch ensures that if the guard can not be opened whilst the machine is in operation, if the guard is lifted the machine will automatically stop.
The double twist wrapper is hand fed by feeding candies, chocolates, caramels, fudges,  jellies etc. into the feed plate. The feed plate is made specially for each different sweet shape.

Capable of wrapping sweets within the following ranges: L:12-34mm W:12-34mm D:6-20mm

The speed is dependent on how fast an operator can feed the product into the feed plate. Balls feed very fast t approximately 200 per minute where as squares take longer at approximately 80 per minute.


  • A double paper feed reel holder for inner wrap and or quick changeover of reels
  • An air-assisted paper feed system
  • An electronic optical eye for ‘no product, no film’ sensing
  • Lexan clear guards for the ultimate protection of the operator

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