Multi-head weighers

loynds multi head weighers

Loynds multi-head weighers ensure that the correct amount of product is passed down to your bagging machine. The weight is fully adjustable for each product you want to bag. The weigher is gravity fed via a bucket elevator (sold separately) and is positioned above a vertical bagging machine (sold separately)…. Read More »

Check Weigher

End of line machine for the automatic checking for correct weight of all products. Products that don’t meet the set weight parameters will be automatically rejected. A variety of reject mechanisms are available, depending on your product type. The machines are manufactured from full stainless-steel and are waterproof for easy… Read More »

Confectionery Manufacturing Non Stick Slab Cloth – SC01

Slab Cloth is an essential solution for covering work surfaces in the confectionery industry. Designed with the highest hygiene standards in mind, this product offers unparalleled reliability and convenience for professionals working with various confectionery products. Material Composition and Properties: Food Grade Quality: The Slab Cloth SC01 is manufactured from… Read More »