Hand-Feed Double Twist Wrapping Machine for Confectionery – TW03

The TW03 Hand Feed Double Twist Wrapping Machine offers a versatile approach to wrapping a diverse assortment of confectionery products, from high boiled sweets to fudges, chocolates, caramels and toffee. Product is fed into the feed plate manually by an operator. Specifications Product Dimensions: Can wrap products with dimensions: Length… Read More »

Double Twist Wrapper Machine with Vibratory Auto Feed – TW01

The Double Twist Wrapper with Vibratory Auto Feed is designed for medium to high volume wrapping of various confectionery products like chocolates, boiled sweets, fudges, and caramels. Its integrated vibratory feeding system means the machine requires minimal operator intervention. A single operator can manage multiple machines. Specifications Product Dimensions: Can… Read More »

Double Twist Wrapper with Aligner Feeder – TW02

The Double Twist wrapper with Aligner feeder machine has a wrapping speed of up to 330 pieces per minute. The aligner feeder will sort products into a single file before feeding them into the wrapping section. The machine consists of: Double paper feed reel holder for inner wrap, or speedy… Read More »