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Double Twist Wrapper with Aligner Feeder – TW02

The Loynds Double Twist Wrapper with an aligner feeder conveyor for automtic feeding of products into the machine

Built in China & UK


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The Double Twist wrapper with Aligner feeder machine has a wrapping speed of up to 35-480 per minute. The aligner feeder will sort products into a single file before feeding them into the wrapping section.

The machine consists of: Double paper feed reel holder for inner wrap, or speedy changeover of reels. Air assisted paper feed system. The feed belt runs in continuous motions and has a sensor to control low & high feed control – this will automatically control the product feed to the in-feed belt. Low product will put the machine in standby mode, showing a flashing beacon so the operators are aware the machine is in standby, as product commences the machine will automatically start.

Wrapping film length is changed by a keypad and stepper motor. The machine has a fully self contained lubrication system. Lexan clear guards are electrically interlocked by magnetic safety switches so that the machine will automatically stop if the guarding is opened whilst the machine is running. Suitable for flat bottom articles such as jellies; fudges, enrobed & moulded products, fondants etc.

Aligner Feeder
The unit consists of three separate speed conveyor belts & four aligner belts, speed 20m/min variable. The product is put on the first conveyor belt in any orientation and the unit will line them neatly into single file to feed into the belt on the DTW500BF.

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