Case Study – Den Gouden Haan

Sugar Free Artisan Bonbon Manufacturing Discover how Den gouden haan launched a range of hand crafted, artisan sugar free bonbons. For over a decade, “Den gouden haan” located in Nijlen, Antwerp, Belgium, has dedicated itself to crafting exquisite Advocaat using a traditional recipe. This delectable artisanal liqueur is not only… Read More »

Case Study – Candy Creations

Automating The Cutting of Fudge and Nougat Into Square Pieces Discover how Candy Creations automated the cutting of their traditional Nougat and Fudge bars utilizing the Loynds Fudge Cutting Machine. Established in 2004, Candy Creations Ltd is renowned for producing traditional Nougat and Fudge bars, along with bulk cut and… Read More »

Semi-Automatic Vacuum Cooker for Industrial Candy Manufacturing – VC01

Our semi-automatic vacuum cookers are designed to meet the rigorous demands of high-quality candy production. Ideal for boiling sugar and isomalt syrups, these cookers can handle up to 500kg per hour. Customise settings for production quantity, vacuum, cooking temperature, and more, to achieve silky-smooth and crystal-clear confectionary. Why Choose Our… Read More »

Sugar/Glucose Dissolving System for Candy Production – SGDS01

Optimise your candy manufacturing process with the Loynds Sugar/Glucose Dissolving System. Designed to work seamlessly with vacuum cookers, our system accelerates sugar dissolution, enhancing both efficiency and output for large-scale candy production. Why Choose Our Sugar Dissolving System? High Efficiency: Speed up the sugar dissolving process and improve productivity. Compatibility:… Read More »

Simple Chocolate Fudge Recipe

Prepare a delicious chocolate fudge by following the outlined recipe and steps. Include 3% soya paste to minimize rancidity and delay the onset of fat bloom, ensuring a lasting, quality fudge. 30 Parts Crystal sugar 22.5 Parts Glucose syrup 7.5 Parts Sweetened condensed skim milk 2.5 Parts Soya paste 2.5… Read More »

Simple Dairy Fudge Recipe

Dairy Fudge Recipe

You can create a delicious, firm dairy fudge through this process and recipe, which involves making individual batches. Begin by assembling the ingredients below in a moderately heated pan that features tightly fitted scrapers on the mixing mechanism: 30 Parts White granulated sugar 18 Parts Glucose syrup 22 Parts Full… Read More »

Simple Hard Candy Recipe

If you’re new to candy making, then this straight forward hard candy recipe will get you started. Equally suitable for artisan¬†manufacturers and automated industrial production. INGREDIENTS 60 Parts White Granulated Sugar 40 Parts Liquid Confectionery Glucose (Corn Syrup) Golden Syrup can be substituted if required. Water (just enough to cover… Read More »

Automatic Feed Flow Pack “S” Wrapping Machine

The Loynds Auto Feed Flow Pack “S” Wrapping Machine is a versatile and efficient solution for the packaging needs of the confectionery industry. Designed to handle a wide range of products, from after-dinner chocolates to larger bars, this machine is a pivotal piece of equipment for businesses looking to streamline… Read More »