Dairy Fudge Recipe

You can create a delicious, firm dairy fudge through this process and recipe, which involves making individual batches. Begin by assembling the ingredients below in a moderately heated pan that features tightly fitted scrapers on the mixing mechanism:

  • 30 Parts White granulated sugar
  • 18 Parts Glucose syrup
  • 22 Parts Full cream sweetened condensed milk
  • 8 Parts HPKO
  • 2 Parts Dairy butter

Fudge Recipe

Begin by adding just enough water (approximately 5 parts) to ensure the complete dissolution of hard-grained sugars.

Without applying extra heat, quickly stir the ingredients together for around 5-10 minutes, resulting in a smooth pre-mixture.

Next, turn off the heat and cook the mixture to approximately ± 240°F (115°C), adjusting the firmness as desired.

Switch off the heat again and let the batch cool down to around 200°F (93°C) while stirring slowly. Then, mix in 20 parts seed fondant (approximately 4 parts sugar to 1 part glucose syrup grade). Add a suitable amount of salt and a flavor of your choice to cater to local preferences.

Transfer the prepared mixture onto greased and preheated cooling tables, ensuring an even surface. Allow it to set before cutting the fudge with a fudge cutter, guillotine machine, or similar equipment.

The final product will be a firm, medium-grained fudge with a pleasant, pliable texture and an extended shelf life.

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