Automating The Cutting of Fudge and Nougat Into Square Pieces

Discover how Candy Creations automated the cutting of their traditional Nougat and Fudge bars utilizing the Loynds Fudge Cutting Machine.

Established in 2004, Candy Creations Ltd is renowned for producing traditional Nougat and Fudge bars, along with bulk cut and wrap fudge and toffee confections for their commercial clientele. By sticking to time-honoured recipes, the company ensures that their products maintain an authentic, handmade appearance and texture. Operated by a family, Candy Creations Ltd has rapidly developed a strong reputation in the confectionery industry, becoming a hallmark of Nougat and Fudge excellence. The company’s success is rooted in their commitment to delivering quality products to their customers.

The Challenge

Candy Creations were looking to speed up the cutting of their traditional nougat and fudge into square pieces. The process was previously done by hand which was proving slow and inconsistent.

The Solution

Candy Creations decided to install the Loynds Fudge Cutting Machine due to its simplicity, ease of use and consistent results. The batches of nougat and fudge are placed onto special carriers, which take the product through the cutting machine, turning slabs into square pieces of ready to eat product. The machine is capable of cutting variety of different products including fudge, nougat and brittles.

The Implementation

The implementation process with Loynds Machinery Ltd.’s team went smoothly. The team at Candy Creations were already experienced manufacturers so there was minimal training required.

The Results

Since using the Loynds fudge cutting machine, Candy Creations have diversified their product offering to now include fudge in a cubed format, allowing them to keep meeting their customers needs.


“As a company, we knew that we needed to diversify, and our customers had asked for our fudge to be provided in a cubed format. It was a logical step for us to approach Loynds. John and Karen and their team are always approachable, and even though we approached them, and they were aware that we are not engineers or mechanically minded, they took our vision and came up with a solution. We then went down the development route and through a few machine iterations, we ended up with our cube cutting machine. Delivery, service and most important to us, after sales support has always been given. During our first year using the machine, we realised that we needed to alter the dimensions of the cube we were cutting. John and his team fully understood our request, and just made it happen. This is something we have come to expect. I cannot fault their service and support. They always make our ideas reality.”


Candy Creations partnership with Loynds has allowed them to improve and automate some of their production process, freeing up time for them to continue developing the business.


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