Deluxe Humbug / Berlingot Candy Manufacturing Start-Up System (HBK02)

Introduction: Kickstart your confectionery business with the Humbug/Berlingot Candy Manufacturing System. Designed for both newcomers and seasoned candy makers, the comprehensive equipment streamlines the process of creating traditional Humbug and Berlingot sweets. Equipped to handle volumes up to 100kg per hour, our system offers a dependable solution for small to… Read More »

Essentials Humbug – Berlingot Candy Manufacturing Start Up Kit – HBK01

Get started with candy manufacturing on a small scale using our Mini Humbug/Berlingot Start-Up Kit. This candy manufacturing kit is specially designed for entrepreneurs and small businesses focusing on traditional Humbug or Berlingot sweets. This is the essentials kit, and is a great entry level setup to start manufacturing candy…. Read More »

Continuous Chocolate Tempering Machine – TM01 and TM02

Multi zone chocolate tempering machines with outputs of 250kg per hour & 500Kg per hour. The machines have four tempering zones. The machines are controlled via HDMI touch screen & controlled by PLC. The machines have their own hot water heating system & requires connection to your external chilled water… Read More »

Stainless Steel Jacketed Pipework for Chocolate Production

The stainless steel jacketed pipework is specifically designed for efficient and hygienic transportation of temperature-sensitive liquids like chocolate within production areas. Fabricated using 304 stainless steel, it ensures sanitary conditions and durability. The pipework’s modular nature allows for versatile installation, comprising various components like straight pipes, elbows, and tees, alongside… Read More »

Ball Lollipop Bunch Wrapping Machine – 325ppm – BL04

The machine can wrap ball lollipops from 18mm to 30mm in diameter and a stick size from 3.2mm to 5mm in diameter and stick lengths from 79mm to 110mm. Complete with a vibratory hopper feed system situated at the back of the machine, for the automated feeding of lollipops into… Read More »