Essentials Humbug – Berlingot Candy Manufacturing Start Up Kit – HBK01

Essentials Tabletop Start-Up Kit for Humbug and Berlingot Candy Production

Designed and Built in UK


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Get started with candy manufacturing on a small scale using our Mini Humbug/Berlingot Start-Up Kit. This candy manufacturing kit is specially designed for entrepreneurs and small businesses focusing on traditional Humbug or Berlingot sweets.
This is the essentials kit, and is a great entry level setup to start manufacturing candy. This setup is great for people who want to manufacture using a more hands on method with minimal automation.

What’s Included

The kit comes with all essential components:

Step by Step Humbug / Berlingot Production Guide

  1. Candy Batch Cooking: Utilise your stove, pan, and thermometer to cook your candy batch. For guidance you can follow our simple recipe and process here and here.
  2. Colour and Flavour Mixing: Transfer the cooked candy batch to a cold table and add your selected colours and flavours.
  3. Hot Table Processing: Transfer the candy batch to the hot table. Use the candy shears to create your design then mould the batch into a large cone shape. You can see how the pattern is made here.
  4. Rope Formation: Quickly stretch a rope from the narrow end of your conical candy batch. You should work efficiently as the batch will be starting to go firm.
  5. Humbug Machine Feeding: Feed the candy rope into your humbug machine. For hand-operated machines, a second person is needed to turn the handle.
  6. Humbug Cooling: Accumulate the formed humbugs on a large table. To expedite firming you can use a desktop fan to circulate air over the sweets.
  7. Breaking Up Sweets: Once the humbugs have  cooled and firmed up, gather them in your hands to break them into individual sweets.
  8. Deburring Process: Sieve the final sweets to eliminate any sharp edges.
  9. Packaging: Your finished humbug candies are now ready for packaging.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Maintaining the Humbug / Berlingot Candy Manufacturing Kit is a straightforward process due to its user-friendly machine design. Engineered for ease of use and minimal upkeep, no specialised skills are required to maintain the kit effectively. The design eliminates the need for tools wherever possible, allowing for swift and efficient removal of the cutters from the humbug machine.

Installation and Support

All equipment comes with detailed video manuals that cover every aspect of operation, cleaning, and essential maintenance. These instructional videos aim to simplify the initial setup, ensuring that you can start using your new equipment without delay.

Should you require further assistance, we offer additional services including installation and training packages, as well as support in recipe development and specialised training in candy manufacturing.

Key Features

  • Capacity : Up to 20kg of humbugs per hour
  • Robust stainless steel construction
  • Cutters manufactured from 304 Stainless Steel
  • Option for hand-turned or motor-driven operation
  • Comes with a sturdy clamp for table-top anchoring
  • Overall Footprint : (L)3210mm x (W)650mm x (H)750mm
  • Stove : (L)400mm x (W)400mm
  • Cold Table : (L)1000mm x (W)500mm x (H)125mm
  • Hot Table : (L)1000mm x (W)500mm x (H)250mm
  • Hand Turned Humbug Machine : (L)623mm x (W)220mm x (H)200mm
  • Power: Single Phase (Stove only)
  • Product: Hard Candy

Explore Deluxe Options

For a more automated solution, consider our Deluxe Humbug/Berlingot Start-Up Kit.


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