Vertical Form Fill Seal Bagging Machines – VFFS – BM18 – 19_20_21_22

The bag making process is fully automated and consists of forming the bag, closing if required, filling it (filling machine required), sealing, then dropping the product. We can offer a considerable variety of bags, for example; standard pillow bags, block bottom, side gusset bags, euro slot bags, handles. Our machines are manufactured… Read More »

Bucket Elevator-BM01

Loynds’ Bucket Elevator is as the vertical equipment for conveying those scattered materials, widely used in the food industry.   When equipped with other relative components, the Bucket Elevator finishes the whole process from loading the materials at the bottom and through the chain buckets conveying to discharging at the… Read More »

Gantry Platform With Stairs – BM09

Made from painted mild steel or from robust 304 stainless steel. Gantry & stair units for overhead multi weighers, Volumetric, Feed hoppers etc. We supply standard units as shown in our drawing or we can tailor make units to your preferred design.   Mild steel or stainless steel construction Sturdy platform Can be… Read More »

Inclined Takeaway Conveyor – BM06

This conveyor receives product from the bagging machine and takes it to the next stage in your process, for example check weighing and metal detection. The conveyor can be built to the height you require. The belts are made from full PVC for easy cleaning. Can be used as a… Read More »

Screw Conveyer

This is a conveyor for lifting powders or granulated products into your weighing system. Bulk product is loaded into the hopper at ground level. It is then lifted via a screw inside a tube to your required height. Full stainless steel construction.   Suitable to convey powdered or granulated products… Read More »